4 Hacks on Learning the Spanish Language Free of Charge


Many people in the US today come from a Hispanic background, and more and more people are learning to speak Spanish. Acquiring a second language can be beneficial to your career, travels, and communication.

Here are some ways you can learn Spanish without having to spend:

1. Watch Free Spanish Tutorials On The Web


One of the easiest and more popular means of learning Spanish of is by watching and listening to videos. There are easy-to-follow tutorials available on the internet. With a good connection, you can stream a video or just listen to the audio while you’re in a coffee shop, driving, or just hanging out during your free time. Once you’ve learned the basics, you can then switch to deeper sentences with an above-average vocabulary.

2. Free Trials Online Spanish Lessons


Many Spanish online courses offer free trials to potential customers. Try to take as much as you can from beginner lessons advancing to average as you progress. In addition to this, try free quizzes along the way to test your level. You may also save or print copies of your trials. These will come handy anytime you feel like reviewing or learning Spanish words, especially when the free unlimited access ends.

3. Listen to Bilingual Music


A good way to relax is by listening to Spanish music. Some Latin artists like Julio and Enrique Iglesias have produced both English and Spanish versions of their songs. It would be best to pay regard to the English version on the onset to get a grasp on the lyrics, followed by listening to the Spanish version.

4. Practice with Someone Who Speaks The Language


There’s no better way to learning a language by putting it to practice. Scan your contact list for someone who knows how to speak Spanish, then give that friend a call. A 10-minute phone call shouldn’t harm. If it hurts your call credits, ask your friend if you can come over for some quick lessons. Remember its best to expose yourself to your new language to practice naturally.


Learning a new language on-a-budget takes time, and so do paid lessons. If you want to get to speak Spanish, try these options first. You may want to check if you have the patience and discipline to learn this before spending some cash.