Even before we came up with a business name, we have already helped some Spanish friends find their luck in the United States. Most of them were able to set up their sole proprietorships and companies in the fifty states and are still growing. These friends still come to us, though, either to express their gratitude or for consultancy, in topics they haven’t fully understand yet or how their friends back in their home countries can also set up a business like they did.

That’s when we realized the promising industry of foreign business in the United States. While we do not claim to be the first, we take pride in being able to help our Amigos y Amigas in Spanish-speaking countries operate their firms in the country.

We are a group of business enthusiasts who either know how to speak Spanish, Hispanic in nature, or simply in love with the foreign culture. When we realized that we have helped at least ten people in other countries bring their business here, we knew it was time for us to keep it going. After all, we have the skills to come up with a consultancy company and resources and our first customers to inspire us to finish what we started. Thus, El Melate Afortunado is now open to serve.