Guidelines for Maintenance of Fleet Vehicles

All vehicles require routine maintenance processes run to maximise their functionality, preserve the protection of the automobile and also to just keep things running. Here in Flex Fleet Lease, we’re invested in the care of the lease trucks in addition to educating our clients how to look after their vehicles that are private.

Fleet vehicles need specific maintenance attention to make sure their operation on significant job websites and projects. The following suggestions will be sure that the bolts and nuts of your pick-up rental or private vehicle will keep on running smoothly.

The guideline for switching oil is advised every three months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. In part that has transformed because many newer vehicles have been running particular synthetic blends that enable a vehicle to go longer between shifts.┬áLiberty Signs provides are a best range of vehicle fleet branding products. Each operators manual specifies that your vehicle’s oil demands. Make sure you check even the most minute information about your motor vehicle.

The state of the air filter is influenced by the air where you reside in addition to a number of miles you drive every year. Think about checking it monthly as part of the regular to make it continues running effortlessly.


The tread on your tires will ordinarily be helpful for around 50,000 miles. But based on road and weather conditions you might need to replace them before. If Washington’s mind is observable, you are due for brand new tires.


The very best car washes will maintain your vehicle looking fresh new and will help maintain its end. Should you enable bugs, chemicals and dirt to collect it can finally strip the paint away on your car or truck. Make certain to use goods meant for automobiles or to carry your vehicle to a car wash company.

We care about our fleet vehicles and also guarantee they’ll always be in the pristine state because of our valued clients. Understanding the normal maintenance program can allow you to keep on top of bringing your car or truck in for support.